The random numbers that the slot machine keeps generating might seem mysterious to you. But behind it, there's a very elegant yet simple device that does the job. Yes, it's a computer chip called the random number generator, which performs the task of generating numbers independently and randomly. It is corresponding to these numbers that the reels take their respective position. Pulling the handle, or making a spin, this RNG is used to randomly generate a number so that the symbols occupy positions on the reel. Even though there is a limit to its randomness, this RNG is pretty random to a satisfactory extent.

There are some false assumptions that people often tend to make and accept upon hearing about slot machines. Slot machines are absolutely random, similar to the case of roulette; the result of a particular spin never depends on the past, and is completely independent of the history of the last any number of previous spins. What matters essentially is the time at which you pull the handle, and even a fraction of a second makes the result totally different from what it would have been otherwise.

Breaking the Myths

Some significant truths about slot machines which you might want to consider are mentioned here:

  • So you just left a slot machine and you see that the next person who replaced you has hit a payout! You regret abandoning the machine, thinking that it was "just about to pay!". Well, sad but true, you are hugely mistaken. This is precisely because there is very little chance that you had pushed the spin button exactly at the time that the other person has done, so you would not have won even if you hadn't left.
  • Don't expect a time to come when you will definitely hit a jackpot. Yes, the "Oh no, it was due to hit" is a myth.
  • It's not about money, it's about the game of randomness, just accept this-it IS possible that a machine might have a streak of large payouts, and there will be times when there will be no payout for days!
  • Another myth which needs to busted - don't play fast and reckless, it doesn't make you win more.
  • Are you expecting to have more wins because you are betting more coins? Well, there is no such exact 'lucky' number which gets you a win every time.
  • You thought the handle was luckier for you, and you always lost when you chose to push the button. Once again, it's utterly logical, since both the actions do just the same thing.

How much you are paid back, and how many hits you achieve is all luck, remember you hardly have any control over it!

Different payback percentages are the backbone on which a slot machine is set to work. Machines that pay off frequently are referred to as being "loose". The relationship is not so easy; a machine paying a lot of payouts is less likely to pay a huge payout!

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