Legal Notice

Your personal information which is obtained through Vernon Downs or its strategic partners will not be sold, traded, or disclosed to third parties without your permission. This information may be disclosed:

1. To comply with the order of a court, search warrant, subpoena or any other legal process.

2. If required by the government authorities or for any regulatory, legal or administrative requirements.

3. If required for the protection and defense of Vernon Downs, its affiliates and subsidiaries, and all the directors, officers, attorneys, employees, contractors, agents and partners against any legal action, dispute or claim.

4. If required for the enforcement of the terms of use of the website of Vernon Downs.

5. If required for the prevention of any imminent physical harm.

6. If required for the businesses that might be used by Vernon Downs for performing functions on their behalf, for instance the credit card transacting companies.

7. If required for the sale of Vernon Downs properties or websites or for any such assignment or transfer.

8. If required by the affiliates and strategic partners of Vernon Downs to manage reservations and hotel stays which are generated by our affiliate program and are managed by them. And also for the calculation and audit of the commissions that are usually paid in relation to the stay in hotels.

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