Slot Machine Games Guide

We're all living in the modern world with highly developed technical and computer possibilities. But in the deep past, for example, if you weren't in the legitimated gambling area (Las Vegas etc.) - you couldn't play slot machine game. The slot machines count its history in more than 100 years. But within the time and technical breakthrough - you can enjoy playing online slots just as in the real casino.

You can think that playing slot machines is the similar process to playing poker. That's not true. The only reason you shouldn't be involved in playing poker so passionately - is that you can lose all your money by the end of the day. While playing online slot machine games you only entertain yourself.

Slot Types

Today there are much more slot styles and variety of games to choose from. Believe us, you just won't be able to play each of the machines.

So let's find out what types of slot machines were invented and which are the better ones today or the most interesting and exciting.

  • Single Line Slots or a "3 reel slot". One of the first slot machines consists of 3 reels with bars or fruits. It offers you to play with three coins. Might also be called the "One Armed Bandits", you've certainly heard it. This game can sometimes provide a progressive jackpot.
  • Multi Line Slot Machines. Consist of more than three pay lines. Online multi line slot machines usually offer something more than the traditional machine slots - bonus symbols or free spin rounds.
  • Progressive Slots. Some percentage of players bet goes into the jackpot, so it grows to unbelievable highs. As far as you win it, the slot machine resets the jackpot, so it starts again.

Live or Online?

Due to variety of styles and games now you can easily chose whether to play online slot machine or play it live. Which variant is better? Here's our own light conclusion.

Using live machines or online modern slot machines - it's your own choice.

Remember that you can always play with multiple coins. Such slot machines give you additional pay lines so you can win, but others machines just multiply the amount of money you've won. Don't be restrained and use more coins for each spin in the game. And don't forget these advantages:

  • Easiness of playing. Play the maximum and just hit "bet max coins" button for every spinning.
  • The more you play the slot machine - the more you win, though you are risking with all your bankroll, remember that.
  • Slot machines propose unbelievably huge progressive jackpots. Surely you can't win till you use the maximum coins.
  • Wouldn't it be sad not to be paid for all your efforts?

So it's all up to you - which slot machine to choose, which game to play. Good luck!

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