Video Poker

Video slots are just like the real online casino slots that one plays in a real land based casino, with the only difference being that the number of reels is five instead of three which is the convention, and a video display is used here. The three reel slots lack graphics and sounds, which the video slots offer you in a startling manner, which makes your experience more thrilling.

Pay lines is another area where the video slots differ, the three slots have a single pay line but the video ones can have up to 9 of them. The technique to go about winning remains the same however--you have to get the right combination of the symbols on the pay lines.

Some Variations

Video slots on the internet can vary also. You might find some online video slots with scatter symbols, and some unusual multipliers and wild symbols. Sometimes the offers are amazing although require a lot of risk--you will find yourself facing a tempting deal in which you double your money on winning but lose all the money in case you don't win.

Tips and strategies:

  • One thing that players are often advised but ignore is that you should first have a thorough look at the pay table. You should obviously know the winning combinations before you start playing--so make the effort of exploring the pay table and make some basic sense of it. Usually, these are not hard to understand.
  • Just like in the section regarding three reel slots, it is imperative that you understand that coin size and the number of bet coins are two different things. (You can once again see the 'Tips' for more details)
  • Sometimes you will see that it is up to you to decide the coin size on each line. (For instance, Spring Break and Thunderstruck video slots have this feature). You need to give careful thought before you decide on the size of your bet, and the number of pay lines that you are intending to activate. If everything goes well, then you can win up to 45 coins each spin if you have gone for the largest coin size and maximum pay lines.
  • Never ever be ignorant of the notes. A smart player is aware of the rules and the terms, so that you don't get into a problem which you could have otherwise avoided.

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