One Play

There is still a lot of heated debate on whether someone can devise a strategy so that the constant disadvantage which the players are subject to while playing in a casino can be dealt with, and the player can be put at an advantage. One such strategy which claims to do this job is creating a buzz amongst the members of the gaming world, and it's called 'One Play'.

In case you don't know what One Play is all about, then you needn't worry for most of the players and even experts have little clue regarding it. One Play revolves around the idea of betting the maximum you can; so as to maximizing your wins every time. For instance, if your spin wins, then you continue to play and bet exactly the same number of coins that you have just won. So if you have bet 6 coins and won 30 coins, then you stay at the machine and make 5 consequent bets after this. As soon as your money is spent, then you leave the machine and move on to another one.


But what if you lost at your first attempt? Then you abandon the machine and move on to try a different machine. You do this unless you initial bet (which you keep the same always) wins. The basic notion is to find the machine in which you win, instead of committing the often-made mistake of staying at the same machine and hoping that you would win sometime!

However, as is the case with the many strategies, there is nothing very huge and different to be claimed here as well. Don't expect to end up with a lot of cash, because this strategy doesn't actually put you much at an advantage over the house, but you can try this as a new and exciting strategy. The 'hot machine' or 'the right machine' for yourself perhaps is just an idea that can never be proved, so don't expect that this strategy will definitely make you beat the house!

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