Most Popular Slots

Well, you have always wondered which slot machine is the biggest hit in the casino. So what are indeed the most popular slot machines? Casino expert Mark Piarski was posed this question, and well, as we had expected, he did have answer to it.

The International Game Technology has been the pioneer and the top manufacturers of an overwhelming majority of slot machines. The Red, white and Blue reel slot is actually the most famous slot machine in America, and this where this manufacturer extracts the most profit from. Well, so what is it about this Red, White and Blue reel that makes it so enormously popular as compared to the rest of the machines. The answer is-players like it and there's a reason why.


These colors are the representative of the American way of life, which is probably why most of the players go for the Red, White and Blue reel slot machine. A secondary reason is the profit-the paytable which has on offer a great deal of moderate and low hits combined with a considerable number of high-end hits-the people are left with craving for more!

The IGT company uses this terminology of what is called by them as the 'hit rewards'. Casino advantage is always greater than what is recommended by experts like me in a majority of casinos, so I would suggest you eschew the Red, White and Blue machine from your playing list .

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